Course curriculum

    1. Keynote: Fear Is Killing Automotive Retail Innovation

    2. Keynote: Using Customer Obsession to Drive Variable Ops

    3. Panel: Dealer Group Marketing Challenges

    4. Keynote: Why Video Selling The Most Powerful Tool in Your Arsenal

    1. Panel: Latest Updates in Marketing Automation & Measurement

    2. Fireside Chat: "Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!!!" Has Been Replaced With "Pandemic & Chip Shortage & War, Oh $#!%!!!"

    3. Keynote: Real-time Retailing is Here: Are you a "Now" Dealer

    4. Interview: Transforming Automotive Retailing

    5. Workshop: How to Take Control of Your Website’s Title Tags in Google Search

    6. Workshop: Digital Retailing - Customer Readiness Strategies

    7. Workshop: The X-Factor - Are You Effectively Marketing to Gen-X?

    8. Panel: Are You Everywhere Your Customers Are?

    9. Keynote: SEO Rodeo

    1. Lecture: The Changing Face of Digital Retail

    2. Panel: Will A.I. Replace 50% of BDC and Service Call Center Staff?

    3. Case Study: Real Measurement of Service Marketing Attribution

    4. Workshop: Your Next Battleground | End-to-End E-Commerce Strategy

    5. Panel: Direct to Consumer Sales - Is There a Way to Satisfy OEMs & Dealer Groups?

    6. Panel: The Electric Slide - What Content You Need For EV Marketing and SEO

    7. Panel: OTT Marketing Strategies That Work

    8. Panel: Developing an Effective Customer Loyalty Program Before It's Too Late

    9. Lecture: Top 12 Auto Industry Insights - Impact and Action Plan

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  • 22 lessons
  • 15+ hours of video content

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