Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    2. Why Use Google Analytics?

    3. Analytics Vocabulary Review

    4. Understanding Our Specifications for Analytics

    5. Basic User Interface

    6. Understanding the Google URL Builder

    7. How Google Ads Relates to Google Analytics

    8. Connecting Analytics to Google Ads

    1. Audience Menu Overview

    2. Acquisition Menu Overview

    3. Behavior Menu Overview

    4. Conversions Menu Overview

    5. Real-Time Menu Overview

    1. How to Create Permanent Traffic Filters for Your Data

    2. Creating Google Analytics Segments Part One

    3. Creating Google Analytics Segments Part Two

    4. Creating Goals Part One

    5. Creating Goals Part Two

    1. Creating Custom Channel Groupings

    2. What Is Google Tag Manager

    3. Installing Google Analytics Through Tag Manager

    4. Inspecting Google Analytics Events

    5. Establishing a More Accurate Bounce Rate for Your Website

    6. Seeing Google My Business Traffic in Google Analytics

    7. Certification Assessment Part 1

    1. Inspecting Organic Traffic Trends

    2. Inspecting Referral Traffic Trends

    3. How to Block Fake Referrals

    4. Inspecting Google Ads Campaign Data

    5. Inspecting Direct Traffic Trends

    6. Inspecting Paid Advertising Landing Page Performance

    7. Viewing and Inspecting Facebook Paid Advertising in Google Analytics

    8. Inspecting Consumer Engagement Tracking

    9. Creating UTM Tags for CRM Email Campaigns

    10. Investigating Third Party Classified Traffic

    11. Investigating Social Media Traffic

    12. Investigating Spikes in Traffic

    13. Investigating Broken Data Feeds

    1. Understanding Google Search Console

    2. Creating Custom Dashboards Part One

    3. Creating Custom Dashboards Part Two

    4. Creating Custom Reports

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  • 2 major assessments

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